Three films on opposite spectrums of the genre-scale go head-to-head for your hard earned cash this weekend; taut political thriller Zero Dark Thirty, 'cool' action flick Gangster Squad and heart warming drama, The Impossible all make their U.S. bows, so which one is it to be? Luckily, we can help you narrow it down.

We'll start with easily the most controversial of the bunch: Zero Dark Thirty. Directed by the unflinching Kathryn Bigelow, Zero is the story od America's hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the ugly steps it took to get him. Criticized for both suggesting that torture could work (by liberals) and that America used torture in the first place (by republicans), you can bolster your stock in the inevitable debate by going to see it. Oh, and it's a really good film, too. With an incredibly strong critical response and 5 Oscar nominations, you'll be hard pressed to see a finer film this weekend.

Check out the trailer for Zero Dark Thirty

Not interested in an honest brand of political truths about the way our Government treats human beings to 'win' the wars they start? Then watch Gangster Squad. Sure, critics have been a little mean, but we'll bet a billion bucks that Gosling's pretty face will pull in enough punters to stick this film top of the Box Office come Monday. Also starring Emma Stone and Sean Penn, you'll need to leave your sensibilities at the door and just let yourself be washed over with bad one-liners and well-choreographed action sequences. Arnie made a career out of it, it's fine. 

Check out the rip-roaring Gangster Squad trailer here

Been killing pesky gangsters all week? Or maybe your mother's coming to visit, either way, The Impossible might be a good bet. Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts star in this emotional drama, which is based on a true story. Given that McGregor's latest work hasn't been, let's say, any good at all, The Impossible's impressive reviews have come as a surprise. If you're interested in restoring a bit of faith in the ol' human condition, then grab a large popcorn and settle down for this epic journey. 

Catch the trailer for The Impossible here:

So there you have it, three viable contenders for your time. Now who's going to see all three on Friday, Saturday and Sunday? We know you're out there.