Ryan Gosling, Donna Gosling

Ryan Gosling and his mother attend the LA premiere for Ryan's latest movie Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend Eva Mendes was notably absent from last night’s Gangster Squad premiere in Los Angeles last night (January 7, 2012). Her clothes, however were not. Instead of taking Eva to the red carpet event, Ryan was accompanied by his mother, Donna Gosling, who was wearing Eva Mendes’ clothes. Talking to Associated Press, outside the screening, in her gold brocade coat Donna told the reporter “I’m wearing Eva Mendes tonight.”

Ryan and Donna Gosling

Ryan Gosling's mother Donna wore his girlfriend Eva Mendes' clothes to the Gangster Squad premiere

 Apparently, Eva likes her potential mother-in-law so much, that she allowed Donna to raid her closet. Ryan confirmed his mother’s claims by saying “she’s wearing my girlfriend’s clothes… my mum raided her closet,” as Donna giggled next to him. We suppose those are the rewards of spawning an actor like Ryan Gosling. You get to wear Eva Mendes’ clothes, huh? Also stealing the limelight at last night’s event was Emma Stone, whose blonde hair was cut with a straight fringe to frame her face and she wore red lipstick to complement her knee length strapless red dress and a striking, ruby-red necklace. Mireille Enos played up to the vintage glamour in a floor-length white gown and small white vntage-style clutch.

Emma StoneMireille Enos

Emma Stone and Mireille Enos were the leading ladies in the style stakes at the Gangster Squad premiere

 The first major review of Gangster Squad was released yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter and it gave a grim view of the movie, with its cartoonish leanings. Subsequent reviews from Empire and Variety magazines have been kinder, but have hardly created any lasting hype for a movie which seems condemned to languish in the lower echelons of the LA noir genre. Sean Penn stars as the central character, Mickey Cohen, a notorious LA mob leader. 

Sean Penn 

Sean Penn at the Gangster Squad LA premiere; the actor has received mixed reviews for his performance

 Watch the trailer for Gangster Squad below: