Hollywood golden couple Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' romance baffles the director of the movie on which they met - because he was sure they hated each other. They have become a Hollywood hope story at a time when so many other young couples are splitting up, but Nick Cassavetes still can't believe his The Notebook stars are dating. He says, "They hated each other. They didn't talk to each other. They had separate everything. "I remember once there's about 100 people sitting around and they're doing a scene where they're talking. She (MCAdams) walks in and Ryan says, 'Where have you been? It's so good to see you.' "He says to me, 'Nick, come here. I'm not getting anything from her in the scene. Do you think you can bring somebody else in for my off-camera shot?' I said, 'I'm not gonna do that.' "I gave them five minutes and they warred and had a big screaming match. And now they're dating? You know there's that old adage, a thin line between love and hate."