Ryan Adams is set to release a new album in 2017.

The 41-year-old singer will release his first LP called 'Prisoner' in three years, which will come out next year alongside the single 'Do You Still Love Me' that will be available from Wednesday (07.12.16).

The star announced the news via social media, which saw him post a picture of the record's artwork.

He captioned the Instagram post: ''PRISONER Feb 17th NEW SINGLE ''Do You Still Love Me'' Dec 7th #PaxAm (sic).''

Meanwhile, Ryan has revealed he ''misses'' Oasis and their hit tracks such as 'Wonderwall', which he has previously done a cover of.

He said: ''I miss this band. They f***ing mattered. Sigh it's now a world full of a bunch of cargo dad pants bands with soulless, bull**** lyrics and about the level of danger you might feel if you mixed hot fries with ginger ale. F*** that (sic).''

And Adams has proved his dedication to the band by urging fans to watch the Oasis documentary 'Supersonic'.

He tweeted: ''Go see the @oasis movie if you need something to remind you what the f**k rocknroll means.

Or why trouble matters.

Or what fun is (sic)''