Some twelve years after he had a heckler removed for requesting BRyan Adams' signature song, singer-songwriter Ryan Adams finally offered up his version of the rock anthem at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Tuesday.

Ryan AdamsRyan Adams played Summer of 69 in Nashville

It was back in October 2002 that Adams ordered the venue lights to be turned on to identify a fan who had requested Summer of 69 - subsequently having him booted from the venue by security. For the record - Ryan paid the fan a $30 refund and he was allowed back in for the rest of the show.

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But on Tuesday, Adams had the 1984 hit on the set-list, playing it solo with an acoustic guitar and two lyric sheets. He also took the key down a little, for a more haunting take on the optimism-soaked hit. 

Elsewhere on the 40-year-old's two night stint Ryman, he covered Patrick Swayze's 1980's hit She's Like the Wind, with support act Natalie Prass.

Adams recently released new seven-inch I Do Not Feel Like Being Good, featuring three acoustic songs reminiscent of his Love is Hell era. According to his label Pax-AM, the songs were recorded with just two mics in one afternoon.

"I had been dragging a few of these behind me in that bag of songs I keep tied around my ribs since London '09-ish," he wrote in a statement. "I was shipwrecked in a hotel there with a bad case of the spins, just me and my Buck Owens acoustic guitar (his name is Buck, the guitars is) and we just sort of were riding out the turbulence."

Adams' U.S tour continues next month in Tampa, Charleston, Atlantic and Miami. 

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