Ryan Adams has released a new song called 'Baby I Love You' to celebrate Valentine's Day (14.02.18).

The 43-year-old star - who previously made headlines when he covered the entirety of Taylor Swift's '1989' album in 2015 - has dropped the track almost a year after his last original album, 'Prisoner'.

Starting the catchy indie rock track, Ryan sings: "If I lie to you, will you still be mine? I want you to stay tell me when it's ok.

"If I'm tired because I'm blue, could you still be mine? When the summer fades, and the autumn turns to grey.

"Can you hold me, can you hold on one more day or two? Baby I love you."

Previously, Ryan has revealed how putting his own twist on Swift's '1989' LP helped him through his divorce.

The singer - who split from Mandy Moore in 2015 after five years of marriage - said: "It sounds very selfish and it is - I thought about Ryan. I projected into this universe. And the songs were this spacecraft that took me into this parallel universe.

"It was very cathartic for me, because I found myself singing those songs and feeling things from my divorce.

"Feeling things from a current relationship, feeling things from the distant past."

'White Horse' appears on Taylor's 2008 album 'Fearless', and Ryan admitted he was "shocked" by his response to the track, which left him "f***ed up".

He told the Guardian newspaper: "The first time I heard it I got chills head to toe.

"I remember feeling shocked by her voice, shocked at how clean that song was. I like stuff that sort of penetrates through my regular consciousness and hits me where I'm not looking. That's usually stuff that's a little darker."

He added: "That song f***ed me up and I couldn't believe it. Her voice does this thing. It just goes through all my bulls**t detectors and right into my heart and soul."