Russell Brand and his daughter were left ''Tangoed for a few days'' after a bath time experiment went wrong.

The 'Four Kids and It' actor had taken charge of Mabel, now three, and was helping the tot use ''bath paint'' created by his wife Laura, who had been experimenting with different types of food colouring - but she was horrified by the results of them using turmeric.

Laura recalled: ''I said, 'Guys, I've got this fantastic bath paint for you to try!' I hadn't even thought about the staining properties

''It made this unbelievably bright mustard yellow paint. I was really excited.''

But when Laura returned from putting their youngest child, Peggy, now 22 months old, to bed, she was horrified by the state of the bathroom.

Speaking to You magazine, she recalled: ''There was turmeric not only over all their faces, hands and the bath but he had allowed Mabel to use it on the walls. So they were covered in yellow, which started seeping into the gloss paint and stuck there.''

The home dye left Russell and Mabel ''Tangoed'' for days as they couldn't clean it off, while hours of scrubbing and bathroom cleaner sprayed throughout the room for more than 24 hours eventually restored the room to normal.

The phrase ''Tangoed'' is a reference to someone who has an orange hue similar in colour to the colour of the popular orange soft drink which once used the 'Tango Man' - a bald, bright orange guy who would slap Tango drinkers in the face - in its advertising in the 1990s.