Russell Brand loves starring in children's films since becoming a father.

The 44-year-old actor and comedian plays Tristan in 'Four Kids and It' and relished the chance to portray a ''moustache-twirling'' villain and is also keen for his own kids to see him in character.

In an interview with, he said: ''I like doing kids films because kids watch them and I've got kids. Plus playing a villainous, moustache-twirling character, it seems like a lot of fun.''

The 'Get Him to the Greek' star has two daughters, Mabel, three and 21-month-old Peggy, with his wife Laura Gallacher but admits that he struggles to communicate with children.

He remarked: ''I don't know why that is. But then what do you say to adults? Do we say how's work? Perhaps we need social cues that aren't too heavy.

''You can't go, are you alright? Not too anxious are you? 12-year-olds probably have all sorts of transitional things happening. Maybe it's an attempt to keep communication at a manageable level.''

The film is based on Jacqueline Wilson's novel of the same name and also stars Paula Patton and Sir Michael Caine, who voices the Psammead, a sand fairy that grants wishes.

Russell admits that the project appealed to him because of the magical nature of the Psammead.

He explained: ''I remember when I was younger, when I'd move or go to a different school and think, hang on a minute, I can be anybody. Acting is almost like that. When it's good, you just think, I'll just be this person now, I don't care anymore.

''Storytelling is not about reality, storytelling is a deeper thing ... I'm interested in myth and storytelling and folklore, and in this there's a creature that's under the ground that grants wishes.

''Even in kids films, any good story abides by certain formulaic necessities, and they directly correlate to the human psyche, so if you jump into it, there's interesting stuff that goes on.''