Russell Brand has thrown his support behind Emma Thompson's plan to stop paying tax until the British government cracks down on schemes which help the wealthy shield their riches.

Thompson's actor husband Greg Wise has revealed the couple wants to boycott their bills until U.K. politicians sort out a new system to make sure rich citizens and companies can no longer avoid paying their fair share.

Wise even suggested the couple is prepared to "go to prison" if necessary, and Brand has now applauded their bravery and backed their plans for a mass tax boycott.

In a post on his page, he writes, "Yes Emma Thomson (sic) and Greg Wise! In unity! Let's stop paying our taxes and mortgages."

Brand also published a page from his anti-democracy book Revolution, in which he put forward a similar idea, urging Brits to stop paying all their bills, including their mortgage payments and taxes, to protest against the government.

The news comes after a high-profile banking scandal in Britain in which staff at the Swiss arm of the bank Hsbc were alleged to have helped wealthy clients avoid hefty tax bills in Britain.