Russell Brand and his wife ''knew'' their relationship would be ''serious'' when they reconnected again after some time apart.

The comedian and his wife Laura Gallacher rekindled their romance in later life - eventually marrying in 2017 - after they first met as teenagers, and this time, both of them knew it was for the long haul.

Speaking on the Made by Mammas podcast, she said: ''I hadn't seen Russell for years ... I came down the steps to the canal and Russell was standing there. We both immediately knew it was going to be serious ... I never imagined we would be sitting there having this conversation, so much time has passed but I have a deep appreciation and love for this person even though I don't know this person now. He was so different. We both immediately wanted the same things. You have to rebuild your foundations and trust again, we did it the right way. It was very slow, it was getting to know each other and going out on day trips together. Suddenly it went fast, six months later, shall we move in, shall we get a puppy, and then after that I found out I was pregnant. We moved in in November and Valentine's Day the next year I found out I was pregnant.''

Meanwhile, Russell and Laura - who have Mabel, three, and Peggy, two, together - are enjoying a ''slower pace of living'' in lockdown.

Laura said: ''Russell and I have gone back to basics to look at how a slower pace of living can positively impact our family dynamic. For us, this has meant having longer nature walks with Mabel and Peggy, having family meals together or creating special moments, a movie day with popcorn, a family painting session or cooking our dinner on an open fire - this one needs practice.''