Russell Brand and his wife are enjoying a ''slower pace of living''.

The 'Get Him to the Greek' actor and his spouse Laura have used their time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic to go ''back to basics'' with their daughters, Mabel, three, and two-year-old Peggy, and have enjoyed creating ''special moments'' and sharing quality time with their kids.

Laura said: ''Over the past few months, Russell and I have gone back to basics to look at how a slower pace of living can positively impact our family dynamic.

''For us, this has meant having longer nature walks with Mabel and Peggy, having family meals together or creating special moments, a movie day with popcorn, a family painting session or cooking our dinner on an open fire - this one needs practice.''

Laura wrote a book, 'The Joy Journal for Magical Everyday Play', suggesting projects for children and their parents, and while she admitted Russell usually prefers ''mindful activities'' to ''messy'' craft work, she was pleasantly surprised when he helped her out with an Instagram tutorial on making Squishy Soap.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''He usually favours mindful activities over messy ones - he dislikes Moon Sand, so I was surprised to see him not only fully invested in creating Squishy Soap in primary colours, but also that he was really enjoying it, with Mabel and Peggy happily by his side.

''This reminded me that we have it within us to connect with the joy of creativity and play. We seek these moments in activities with our girls to keep calm and have fun with it.''