British actor Rupert Everett believes SIR Elton John has "gone a bit wild" lately with his string of outbursts.

Last month (SEP04), John caused a stir in Taiwan, when he lashed out at a waiting group of photographers, calling them "vile pigs".

He hit the headlines again just weeks later, when he accused Madonna of miming at concerts, prompting her pal Everett to brand him "bossy and cranky" in retaliation.

And Everett, who is friends with both stars, admits he's found John's public outbursts highly amusing.

He says, "It's none of my business, to be quite honest, but Elton's gone a bit wild in the last few months, I've noticed.

"'Cause there was the Taiwangate airport saga, which I thought was actually genius. I loved him in that. And then the thing with Madonna, which struck me. It was a little bit unfair, really."

19/10/2004 21:08