RuPaul has quit social media.

The 'Drag Race' presenter's Twitter and Instagram accounts disappeared offline on Thursday (02.07.20), with no prior warning.

The Twitter account no longer exists and the Instagram profile - which has over 4.2 million followers - is visible online but all the posts have been removed, with fans noting they were taken down one by one.

The 59-year-old star previously attributed his success to being adaptable to change.

He said: ''In this life, if you can stay flexible, you have a really good chance of navigating a really rich experience for yourself on this planet.''

And the drag star claimed identity is an ''illusion'' and he's always been drawn to what he was as ''irreverent''.

He said: ''It's all a lie -- this world is a lie. So don't base your value on the lie.

''I've always been attracted to things that were irreverent, [like] Monty Python, I thought, 'Oh, there's my tribe!'

''Because even as a kid, I knew that I had a sense that none of this was real, that it was all an illusion and that it would be a mistake to base my value on the lie: Boys, go here. Girls go there. Blacks over here, whites over here ... all these superficial rules we come up with are just BS!''

And he explained how he turned to drag as a form of ''social commentary'' and has never set out to ''pass'' as a woman.

He said: ''We did drag as a social commentary. It was a reaction to the Reagan '80s, and it wasn't trying to look real or pass [as a woman]. It was a rebellion against the status quo.''