Christmas songs are a staple in the musical calendar, you may even have heard some already this year, but Halloween doesn't get the same love. This was something which Stephen Colbert noted on his talk show and Run The Jewels (aka, Killer Mike and El-P) have righted this wrong with the 'Halloween Wiggle'.

Run The Jewels performing at Leeds Festival in 2015 Run The Jewels performing at Leeds Festival in 2015

"You know, the one thing that Halloween lacks is that there's no really good Halloween novelty songs," Colbert explained on The Late Show. "There's Monster Mash, but that's like 50-something years old now. We need a new one. Christmas has got all kinds of ones. I recently took the matter into my hands. I got together with my good friends, hip hop impresarios Run the Jewels. We have created what I believe will be an instant holiday classic." 

The track features an obvious contrast in themes with Stephen Colter's Monster Mash inspired rhyme which is retorted by the adult themed Run The Jewels verses.


The song comes in the wake of the announcement from El-P's twitter that their new album 'Run the Jewels 3' (RTJ 3) will be out before the first week in January at the latest. Earlier this week they released the first track from the record titled 'Talk To Me'. The track is an urgent sounding affair that has fans desperate for their new LP following the massive critical acclaim of RTJ 1 and 2.

Stephen Colter recently made headlines himself for his 'inadvertant' drawing of a swastika to explain Trump's views on the Orlando shootings. Of course RTJ make their own opinion of Trump clear in their new record, even if only mentioned once. Killer Mike is a well-known Democratic supporter.