Rumer Willis is to feature in 'Left with Only Rain'.

The 33-year-old actress – the eldest daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore – will be joined in the cast by Liana Liberato, Jordan Rodrigues and Richard Kind.

The thriller will be written and directed by Todd Bogin in his debut feature, with 2x4 Productions' Dustin Williams producing along with Gabriel Francisco and Rafael Francisco for Francisco Productions.

The film centres on Sabina Geshem, a young woman reeling from a breakup as she struggles to rebuild her once-promising dance career.

After a dalliance with her ex threatens her comeback, Sabina goes to a small town to track him down. She then discovers his new and pregnant girlfriend and inserts herself into the unsuspecting women's life – seeking something other than closure.

Rumer, who has also starred in the film 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood', previously explained her struggles with anxiety and admitted she felt as if she was "going to melt".

She explained to her social media followers: "I get nauseous and my heart won’t slow down. It sometimes feels like a force so much bigger than me has taken over the control panel in my brain ... I have to catch myself when I find myself focusing on just wishing it was somehow different. So here I am, sitting here feeling like I’m gonna melt, even though I know I won’t and just trying to lean into the discomfort as scary and painful as that is."

Rumer also described how she has "worked tirelessly" to love herself and to prevent negativity from dragging her down.

She shared: "I have worked tirelessly since I was a young girl to love myself, love my body, my face. To not allow the negative commentary from others about how I look to affect the value I hold for myself."