Ruby Rose wouldn't recommend shaving your head without ''adult supervision''.

The 34-year-old actress recently made the drastic change to sporting a buzz cut - which she split dyed half blue and half pink - but has said she wouldn't encourage others to do the same unless they have a friend or family member present, because she ended up with ''a few clumps missing'' from her own cut.

She said: ''I first shaved it, then split dyed it blue and pink, then I decided to bleach it again, which was ambitious and I don't recommend doing it without 'adult supervision'. So I ended up with a few, um, clumps missing.''

To take care of her hair, the former 'Batwoman' star has been using products from her pal Riawna Capri's hair brand In Common, as she said the range helps to add ''more moisture'' to her locks following the bleaching process.

And Ruby also adds in Mended Sea and Magic Myst to make her hair ''1,000 times happier''.

Speaking to, she added: ''I have been taking care of my hair with my friend Riawna Capri's hair brand In Common. I used to just use a shampoo and conditioner, In Common's Clear Haze and Velvet Cloud, but ever since bleaching, my hair needed more moisture. So I started using the full In Common system by adding in Mended Sea and Magic Myst to the mix and my hair got 1,000 times happier. Then, of course, I shaved it again, but still.''

Since dying her hair, Ruby has since shaved it again to sport her natural brown roots, and has had a heart shape design shaved into the back of her head.