Review of Change Me Single by Ruben Studdard

Ruben Studdard
Change Me
J Records
Single Review

Ruben Studdard Change Me Single

The return of the ladies velvet teddy bear Ruben Studdard, heralds a sublime radio friendly sawyer. A track that has a vocal performance, lyrics and production that are quite simply breathtaking.

Yep; this guy can blow vocally - make no mistake, but you can be the best vocalist in the world but if you haven't got a song you ain't got nothing.

Ruben's mentor is Clive Davis, a man that has, for the best part of fifty years, been the most prolificly successful record industry A&R Executive, Producer and CEO of black music. After all we are talking of the man that was behind the success stories of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Next and Alicia Keyes to name just a few of the oh so many.

Clive Davis is treating Ruben in the same way - it is platinum hit songs for a platinum singer.
So if you have those platinum ingredients you have to have platinum producers - enter Darkchild protégés The Underdoggs and the result is quite simply mind blowing.

This isn't for the faint hearted - it is real classy slow jam R&B of the highest calibre and deserves to be a world wide hit but I bet it will probably be a hit in the States only, sad very sad.

Real Urban Appeal 5/5 Hit Appeal - US 5/5 - UK 2/5

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