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Ruben Studdard
The Return
J Records
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Ruben Studdard The Return Album

We get Michelle McManus and Steve Brookstein, two pub singers; America gets Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia and the cream of the crop Rubben Studdard three breathtaking vocalists.

You know what? It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

Rubben's latest offering is a mind-blowing set of classy R&B and straight up soul. The first single from the album is an earth moving slow jam produced by Darkchilds protégés The Underdogs to amazing effect. This smouldering ballad just showcases this vocalist to the max.

More Underdog magic comes through on the strong radio driven track "Get U Loose". The amazing yet under-rated outsider of our world James Poyser penned "Our Story" for the self proclaimed big teddy bear. Stargate twiddled the knobs on "One Side" this melodic keyboard and drum lead smoothed out cut bares a big resemblance, musically, to Ne-yo's "So Sick" also produced by Stargate of course.

Another great song and why fix what's no broken production-wise. Next up is the killer club cut from the album. Scott Storch cranks up the club pressure on the jaw dropping "What The Business Is" this phenomenal mid beat classy R&B cut shows what respect the industry has for Ruben and what he has already gained from his peers.

Scott Storch has produced this in a Ruben style rather than try and do it the other way around. I already had heaps of respect for Scott but that has gone up ten fold after hearing this. Sexy soul comes in the shape of the extremely strong lyrical silky swayer "Rather Just Not Now".

"Aint No Party" has this speaker thumping bass line running through it, but not even that can distract you from this amazing talents vocal performance. More, strong down low biz, comes in the shape of "Blow Ya Mind" Then comes the icing on the cake via the Brenda Russel penned Luther Vandross cover "If Only For One Night". The most impressive thing about this is Ruben has done it vocally very much in Ruben's style rather than just trying to mimic Luther. If you know anyone who likes quality music, make sure you wrap this for them as a Christmas pressie, they won't be disappointed.

Bigger 5/5

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