Review of Tales Of Grime and Grit Album by Ruarri Joseph

Ruarri Joseph
Tales Of Grime and Grit
Album Review

Ruarri Joseph Tales Of Grime and Grit Album

It's commonly said that first impressions are lasting impressions, but how true can that be? Well, with Ruarri Joseph and other artists like him that you don't know much about, you would probably depend on first impression to determine if you like him or not. So, I followed the common practice, listened to the first few tracks and didn't like what I heard. 'Patience' I quickly turned over, 'Won't Work' didn't and 'Blankets' almost pulled the curtains on a fresh new solo act.

I don't like admitting when I'm wrong but man was I wrong about Ruarri Joseph. The rest of the album was a collection of some of the greatest songs you'll ever hear under the one album. Laid back, walk-in-the-park music that's fun and feel-good. It was a pleasure to listen to, so much so, that I forgot all about my first impressions of him; not much truth in the saying after all.


Daniel Black

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