Review of Red Mist EP by Ruarri Joseph

Review of Ruarri Joseph's EP Red Mist.

Ruarri Joseph Red Mist EP

From pubs and social clubs in Newquay to Glastonbury and the Bestival festivals. OK maybe Ruarri Joseph wasn't headlining these festivals but surely anything is better than doing your local circuit around the pubs, clubs and back street bars.

Dubbed as the British Jack Johnson Ruarri Joseph has his guitar, his vocals and his charm to help him. 'Red Mist' is the new release to come from this Folk singer song writer. You can certainly understand where people are coming from when comparing Joseph against Johnson, but unlike Jack Johnson, Ruarri seems to have battled through life a bit more and is a bit darker in his lyrics. This guy uses his emotions and anger through music and produces some good stuff, it's just a case of will people latch onto the dark side of his music?


Mark Moore

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