Review of Man In The Machine Single by Royworld

Man In The Machine
Single Review

Royworld Man In The Machine Single

Tracks like this are one in a million, but not in a good way. "Man In The Machine" is notable but for all the wrong reasons. Awful lyrics, poor quality vocal effects applied, the accompanying music is simply too cheesy and overall it pretty much stinks. There are many types of music out there.there's music that makes you laugh, music that makes you cry, music that takes you on a journey, music that makes you reflect, music that moves you (inside) and music that does nothing whatsoever for you.

Royworld's "Man In The Machine" is one of those tracks that do little for you, if anything at all. It's pretty pedestrian and leaves the listener feeling pretty indifferent. It doesn't engage the listener enough, the lyrics are pointless and pretty meaningless.

Danny Black

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