Royal Blood's Mike Kerr doesn't ''consider himself'' a bass player.

The 28-year-old singer - who is joined in the duo by drummer Ben Thatcher - may play the bass guitar on stage but he regards his instrument, which he only learned to play in 2013, as just a ''tool'' that makes the sounds he's looking for.

He said:''I've never considered myself a bass player. I see it as a tool that helps me make the sound I want to make.

''At the end of the day, it's a bit of wood with wires on it.

''The initial excitement was that I really didn't know what I was doing. It was about using my ear rather than my brain.

''So it's like you're trying to find the music inside you.''

And the 'Figure It Out' hitmaker admitted he isn't the most talented guitarist out there.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''If you took someone fresh out of music college, they'd probably play better than me.''

But when it comes to making music, Ben and Mike like to embrace the limitation of their two-person set-up.

Mike said: ''We're both quite minimalistic when it comes to music.

''It's about limitation as inspiration. Things get more interesting when you start removing elements.

''You can't play chords really, it's singular notes. We can't do a guitar solo so that forces us down a different way of thinking.

''It's always fascinated me how you can make something special out if basic ingredients. It doesn't have to be complicated.''

And despite their own rocky sound, the duo admit that isn't their personal favourite musical style.

Mike said: ''Ironically, rock is probably the music we listen to least but it's the most exciting to play...

''We're songwriters. It just so happens that we've got different weapons in our hands than most of our peers.

''We don't have computers. We have real instruments.

''It's about making music that is unique and true to us and forward moving rather than a pastiche of something that's been done before.''