Royal Blood aren't "seeking any validation" from the release of their new album.

The rock duo - which comprises of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher - insist their new music offering is the "album they've always wanted to make" and Mike says he feels "confident" about it.

Speaking about the duo's new album, 'Typhoons', Mike said: "I'm not seeking any validation for it and I’ve sort of done my celebrating and all my high-fiving already. It’s the album I always wanted to make and I feel genuinely confident about what we’ve made. Also, finishing that second record, I didn’t want to listen to it and finishing this one, I can’t stop listening to it. It really was made for ourselves."

And for the band, "catchy songwriting" has always been one of their "priorities".

Speaking to, Mike added: "Catchy songwriting has always been our priority. From the very beginning, we knew we had the ingredients for a big sound, but there’s nothing clever about going out there and just being loud without having any songs. We always wanted to have songs, because that’s what a band thrives off. So it was no different on this record. It’s perhaps more highlighted because we just got better at it. There seems to be a reluctance or fear if you’re in a rock band of having anything catchy and we’ve just always thought that’s total f****** nonsense. Why would we be scared of something being infectious? We just cut ourselves free from that."