Review of Come On Over Single by Royal Blood

Royal Blood are fast movers. Having formed just last year, they have only one EP out so far, 'Out Of The Black', and the duo are already making a name for themselves, achieving things that many new bands can only dream of. Their previous single 'Little Monster' became an instant hit, they are due to support the Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park this month and they're being booked to play massive summer festivals such as Download and Glastonbury this year.

Royal Blood Come On Over Single

'Come On Over' starts with a gritty bassline, bassist/vocalist Mike Karr's fingers quickly moving up and down the fretboard, before Ben Thatcher's hard-hitting drums come in and increase the strength of the song. There's a quiet/loud dynamic to the track, with the brooding vocals in the verses going alongside a sluggish bassline, before the vocals roar and the bass crunches for the chorus. They have such a huge and complete sound for a band that's just bass, drums and vocals that you wouldn't even know that they're without a guitar unless you researched them. Kerr sings lyrics that have a playful attitude to them, such as, 'Well, there's no God and I don't really care' and 'I ran away to make you care'. These lyrics are sung in a great hard rock manner, with Kerr's muddy vocals going along in the same vein as other modern rock singers such as Josh Home of Queens Of The Stone Age.

'Come On Over' shows Royal Blood doing what they do best: making fun and catchy hard rock music. If you're a fan of their other songs, or rock music in general, you're bound to like this.


Max Cussons

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