The son of Roy Orbison has just got us thinking wistfully of a hologram appearance from the singer at Glastonbury 2019 following his forthcoming holographic tour of the UK this year. It certainly would make a very special addition to the festival whether or not he could make it as a headliner.

Roy Orbison and the Philharmonic OrchestraRoy Orbison and the Philharmonic Orchestra

The 'Pretty Woman' hitmaker would hardly be a suitable candidate for a main stage headliner, even aside from the fact that he passed away in 1988. However, now that technology can bring the dead back to life in some senses, it would be pretty cool to see such a legend at that UK's biggest music event.

'We would love to see Roy play Glastonbury, that would be the ultimate. This show would be perfect for that audience', his son Alex told The Sun. 'The technology is moving so fast. At first we were told we could only play theatres, so we could control the interplay of the light. But now the Orbison hologram can play an outdoor festival, even in daylight, and it will still look good.'

Alex has been helping organise a UK tour featuring his father's holographic image as the president of Roy's Boys LLC and an accomplished musician himself. The tour will kick off on April 8th at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena and will travel to Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Hammersmith, Liverpool and Bournemouth. 

The concert is expected to feature hits the likes of 'Crying', 'Only the Lonely', 'I Drove All Night' and 'Running Scared' among others. The show will also be taken across Europe and to Australia over the rest of the Spring.

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That means that everything will be well practised by the time Glastonbury comes around on June 26th 2019, after a break this year from the event for the sake of the land integrity of venue Worthy Farm.