In the same vein as Camp Rock and High School Musical,Teen Beachwill showcase catchy tunes and cheesy dance routines, directed by Jeffery Hornaday.

Described as "an all-singing, all-dancing" summer extravaganza by Disney,;Teen Beach's storyline is a mash-up of 60s beach movies and West Side Story (1961), whilst also paying homage to Grease (1978) according to Variety.

Watch the trailer for Disney's summer surf extravaganza Teen Beach here:

Young surfers Mckenzie and Brady, played by Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch, are two close friends who love spending all day, every day on the beach. That is, until McKenzie's Aunt decides the young surfer chick needs to spend more time focussing on her future and comes to take her away.

As the doleful duo prepare to say goodbye, they go for one last wave but in a magical twist end up being transported to another dimension where 'Wet Side Story' - their favourite 60s beach musical - is real.

In their quest to return to 2013, the sun-kissed sweethearts accidentally end up altering the plot of the film, marooning them in a world where the tuneful inhabitants are constantly breaking into song.

The film introduces up-and-coming 19 year-old, Mitchell, who having previously been seen on television only, is about to dive on to cinema screens as she stars in Teen Beach. Likewise, singer and guitarist Lynch is making the step from the Disney Channel's Austin & Ally into his first feature-length movie.

The trailer promises sing-a-long tunes, a wash of fantasy drama and a splash of romance.

Excited fans can net some of the tidal wave of Teen Beach merchandise that'll hit before the film premieres but swim on down to your cinema from 19th July this year (UK & US) to catch the latest feel-good Disney musical. Kawabunga baby!

Maia MitchellRoss Lynch
Young Stars Of Teen Beach: Maia Mitchell [L] And Ross Lynch [R].