It appears as though comic actress Rosie O’Donnell has a soft spot for Honey Boo Boo, and wants to buy her and her family a house.

There are many things to do after a heart attack; go on that trip you’ve always wanted to go on, see the sights of the world, spend more time with your loved ones, read War And Peace, or even maybe have a little rest. Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t want any of those things, no; she loves Honey Boo Boo and wants to buy her a big old family house. "I love Mama June. I love Sugar Bear. I love Chubbs," she says referring to some of the family members by their nicknames in an interview on People TV "I love 'em all." O Donnell’s tongue in cheek appraisal doesn’t stop there, as she compares the show's 7-year-old star, Alana Thompson to Shirley Temple. "She has a presence and an intellect that goes way beyond her years," she explained, somehow managing not to burst into tears before asserting: "I'd love to meet them, and buy them a house."

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has come under close scrutiny of late, with some claiming that feeding a toddler a concoction of Red Bull and Mountain Dew (affectionately coined Go Go Juice) which is tantamount to two cups of coffee per serving, is wrong. “There are far worse things… I could be giving her alcohol,” her mother explained to Fox News.