Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses social media to find fashion inspiration.

The 33-year-old model tends to follow designers on Instagram that influence her style more than magazines nowadays.

She told Harper's Bazaar: "My social media is really filled with destinations and architecture and buildings and books and art and sculpture, and then peppered in with some great tastemakers and designers and artists who I really love to follow. So for me, that's definitely altered the way that we consume and interpret fashion, because before, we would see that all in a magazine that we'd get once a month.

"As a young girl, I would literally race home off the school bus as a teenage girl, because I knew what day the magazine was going to arrive at the house. And so now, we have that just in our hand all day long. So obviously, it alters the way you consume, because it's so instantaneous."

Rosie is careful not to overindulge in social media as she does not want to contribute to fast fashion by purchasing new clothes or shoes all the time.

She continued: "I try and pay special attention to that in a way, because I think sometimes it can lead you down the wrong path of overconsumption certainly, and it can lead you down the path of following trends as opposed to staying true to yourself. So I try and spend special attention when I do have that urge of really asking myself questions of, 'Is this about buying less but better?'"

What's more, the 'Transformers' star has opted for a more "grounded" approach to her style since the coronavirus pandemic has restricted people to their homes.

She added: "I think that I've found the general conversation around style and beauty has changed so much over the past year, but that there's a sense that we absolutely still want to be able to wear something and we absolutely still need to apply makeup or skincare products, but there's a more grounded sense to it. There's a more personalized, simple approach to it—a less is more approach."