Roseanne Barr made a huge mistake when she sent out a racist tweet attacking former President Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett; calling her the "baby" of the "muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes". The social media move saw the star's critically-acclaimed hit ABC show 'Roseanne' cancelled after just one season of the revival, despite Barr's claims that her sleeping pills had caused her to send out the message.

Roseanne Barr could be about to receive a pay-out from ABCRoseanne Barr could be about to receive a pay-out from ABC

Since she was fired and the show was taken off air, ABC have reportedly been working hard on trying to bring a spinoff to the small screen. One of the ideas said to be leading the pack is to bring a show focusing on Sara Gilbert's character Darlene to the forefront, with many other members of the cast also starring.

The only problem is that Barr still has her ties to the 'Roseanne' franchise. If a spinoff were to make its way to ABC right now, the actress would profit from it. Deadline is now reporting that the network is making an offer to Barr that she's said to be seriously considering. It would see Barr paid a one-time pay-out, in exchange for her relinquishing her rights to the series and stopping future claims against the network for any profits made for any spinoffs that do come to fruition.

Whether or not Barr will agree to the terms remains to be seen, but the actress hasn't really got a leg to stand on. With her history of controversy and this tweet serving as the cherry on top of a very distasteful cake, it was always going to come crashing down for the disgraced figure.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding any potential 'Roseanne' spinoff as and when we get it.