Actress Rosario Dawson landed the role of temptress ROXANE in OLIVER STONE's new epic Alexander because the director thought she looked like Angelina Jolie.

Stone and the producers had their hearts set on casting an unnamed French actress as historical hero ALEXANDER THE GREAT's wife, but they agreed to meet Dawson and the director became convinced he'd found his Roxane the minute she walked in the room.

Dawson explains, "He was looking and looking at me and he said, 'On-camera you look a lot like Angelina Jolie - the strong jaw, the lips.'"

Stone felt he could use the actresses' similarities to enhance the Oedipal feel of his film. Jolie plays Alexander's (Colin Farrell) mother in the film.

Dawson adds, "(He said) He (Alexander) was notoriously gay...and I like to think that something about Roxane reminds him of his mother. An Oedipal thing. I want to play off that.'"

04/11/2004 02:39