Rosario Dawson admits city living gives her spots.

The 'Trance' actress suffers from breakouts whenever she visits her hometown of New York City and has to invest in top notch skincare products to eliminate the problem.

She joked to People magazine: ''I'm from New York but I've realized how long it's been since I've been here because my face wasn't acclimated. I had bad skin all of a sudden!

''I had to get exfoliator and all this stuff ... I was like 'What happened?!''

The 34-year-old star shaved the left side of her head a couple of months ago and revealed she is surprised her radical new hairdo has gone largely unnoticed, much to her amusement.

She said: ''Everyone says it's going to grow out really badly, but I've had it since October and most people haven't even noticed it. A little bit past this [length], it's almost unnoticeable.

''I just [sweep it to the side] and it looks like I've put it over my ear or something.''

Rosario favours a laid back look and recently revealed she enjoys the fact fashion is more relaxed than ever these days.

She said: ''We live in a time right now where everything goes which is really, really nice. What I love about the trend now is that it's sort of just whatever's your personal style. I think we're really celebrating that more than I've ever seen before.''