Rosario Dawson likes to be ''naked'' in the summer.

The 'Trance' star has confessed she would happily ditch her clothes completely during warmer months, but as she is unable to walk around in the nude, the brunette beauty will be sporting a comfortable kaftan instead.

When asked to describe her favourite summer look, she joked: ''Naked. Naked is best for summer.''

Before adding: ''I'm from the beach on Coney Island in Brooklyn, I live on the beach in L.A. In Venice, I'm on the canals, around the coast in Ghana. And I'm in the islands of Sierra Leone, so water is a big part of it.

''For summer I'm going to be wearing a lot of comfortable and beautiful and bright and luxurious pieces.

''I have this really gorgeous gold house robe; it's kind of just a drapey, almost capey thing. My great-grandmother made it for my grandmother.''

The 35-year-old actress - who launched the artisan-produced fashion line 'Studio One Eighty Nine' - recently teamed up with retailer H&M, who will sell a collection of Coca-Cola, Guinness and Bailey's bottle top bracelets from their line in a pop-up shop.

Following the launch of H&M's eco-friendly Conscious Exclusive collection last week, Rosario told PEOPLE: ''We love what H&M is doing by taking recycled clothing and starting the conversation so people start to think about [sustainable fashion], and that's a big deal for us because that's exactly what we're doing.''