Rocker Ronnie Wood has hinted the Rolling Stones are on the brink of announcing a new world tour to celebrate the legendary band's 50th anniversary.
The music veterans have not toured together since wrapping up their Big Bang trek in 2007, and fans are hoping the rockers will hit the road again to celebrate 50 years since the group's formation in 1962.
Wood has now revealed they are talking about a tour after meeting up for rehearsals before Christmas, but admits it takes time to get used to working together again.
When asked about a possible tour during an interview with the Radio Times, Woods replies, "Be lovely, wouldn't it?
"That's what we're on the verge of. I dunno what the hell is gonna happen yet but we all feel we owe it to ourselves and to the people to do something.
"Well, they're still in the talking mode. And I don't know, each week brings a new development.
"Basically, get the boys feeling comfortable with each other, 'cause we're all ready to go individually. It's just a matter of tying up loose ends and coming together as a unit."