The hunt for Ronni Chasen's killer deepened yesterday (6th December 2010) after a Los Angeles woman reported that a man had pointed a gun at her friend while she was driving in Sherman Oaks, just days before the Hollywood publicist was murdered in Beverly Hills, reports the New York Daily News.
A woman who lived just blocks away from where Chasen was killed was the victim of an unsettling encounter in the days leading up to the publicist's death. An email obtained by The Daily Beast was sent to residents of the area to warn them of a gunman, it read, "Hi ladies, something that I wanted to warn you about in our hood...Over the weekend, a neighbor told me that last week she was driving down Benedict Cyn and an African American guy with a shirt tied on his head - gang garb - was driving crazy behind her, cutting off drivers, then pulled up next to her at the Tower Road stop light and, with window rolled down, smiled at her while he pointed a gun at her". The email then explains how the man did a high-speed U-turn and sped away. A week later, Chasen was shot five times in the chest as she made her way home from the premiere of new movie 'Burlesque'.
Investigators are not yet drawing links between the two incidents, and Chasen's brother stated this week that he did not think suspect HAROLD SMITH murdered his sister. The ex-con killed himself as police descended on his Hollywood apartment.