Ron Howard is going to make people "fall in love" with Formula 1 racing with his new movie 'Rush'.

The director has made a film about the worldwide racing tournament which centres on the rivalry between Austrian driver Niki Lauda - played by Daniel Bruhl - and British racer James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) in the 1970s, and believes the story is so explosive it will appeal to everyone.

He told Collider: "I love stories that centre on fascinating characters, and here you have psychologically complex, rare human beings, and they are also young and cool - and it's all in this unbelievably glamorous, sexy period in the mid 70s.

"And yet, in terms of emotion and the heartbeat of the story, I think they will be very relatable. If you don't know anything about Formula 1, I'm going to present it in such a way that you'll very likely fall in love with it. If you do know Formula 1, I'm going to be very respectful and deliver a film you'll love, too."

Although Ron knew little about it himself before he began making the movie, he admitted is now a convert to the sport.

He added to The Hollywood reporter: "I wasn't a die-hard Formula One fan before I read ['Frost/Nixon' screenwriter] Peter Morgan's script, but I've been immersing myself in this world. I think the excitement I feel as a fresh convert may be infectious."

'Rush' is slated for release in 2013.