No, another installation to the millennia-old work hasn't been commissioned by God himself; this is the sequel to this year's extremely successful TV miniseries The Bible, based on the good book itself. NBC has announced that the sequel A.D.: Beyond The Bible will start where The Bible left off: a few days after Jesus Christ's death. The series will again be produced by husband and wife Mark Burnett (The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice) and Roma Downey, with Downey potentially reprising her role as Mary Mother of Christ and Darwin Shaw could be recast as Peter, as reported by the Associated Press.

Roma Downey
Producer Roma Downey Will Work On The Sequel To The Bible.

Where The Bible told stories of Noah, Abraham and Jesus up to his resurrection, the sequel will follow the embryonic growth of Christianity in the aftermath of Christ. Bob Greenblatt, NBC's chairman, spoke of the upcoming sequel in a statement: "I followed the development process of 'The Bible' closely with Mark and knew that the story was far from over after Christ's Crucifixion...what happened in the aftermath - which is essentially the beginning of Christianity - is utterly fascinating. The day after The Bible premiered, I told Mark we were on board with no hesitation for the follow-up miniseries. This will be attention-getting in every way, and we're proud to continue our association with Mark which has just grown exponentially from The Voice."

Mark Burnett
Mark Burnett Will Produce The Sequel To The Highly Successful Miniseries, The Bible.

Despite having strong competition from Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, according to The Latin Times, the original series which aired in March 2013, was a hit for the channel and drew in 13 million viewers in the first episode with the finale watched by 11.7 million people - record breaking numbers for a cable channel, with equally impressive DVD sales.

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There's no set release date for A.D.: Beyond The Bible but expect it to be reincarnated on your TV screens in early 2014.