'Son of God' sets itself a near-impossible task – making the story of the New Testament appealing to a new generation. A generation of people, who have smartphones, Google and gingerbread lattes – therein lies the issue. Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (behind History Channel's hit miniseries The Bible, which achieved record ratings last year) told USA Today that the challenge was in creating a gritty and realistic version of the story that would appeal to an over-stimulated audience.

Son of God Still
Another movie attempting to make the Bible story more accessible?

"We've seen enough of those movies as kids — the 'donkeys and sandals' movies — that we wanted to create a cast of characters that felt gritty, realistic and authentic, and didn't look like they'd just stepped out of the dry cleaners," Downey says of the film, which features a mix of footage from The Bible and new material.

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