Who's mortgaged their house then? Anyone sold any family members? That's right, tickets for the Rolling Stones' two forthcoming London shows go on general sale on Friday and we suspect that any of you going are already well advanced in your plans to sell a vital organ. Delight turned to horror earlier in the week - no not at Keith Richards' knotted face - but at the 'Stones 50th anniversary shows costing their fans anything from $171 to $656 for the privilege of seeing them.

Many fans have been vocal on the subject of these extortionate ticket prices, according to The Associated Press. "These prices are a joke," fan Steve Grace wrote in a comment appearing on the official See Tickets website. "To expect this sort of money just makes me lose a lot of respect for these guys." Drachan Forster added: "Saw them in Rio at a free concert. Was pickpocketed relentlessly throughout, but nothing compares to this fleecing. £246 for some of the worse seated tickets in the house. Disgusting."

More sickeningly, the secondary ticket market already looks like it's going to have a field day. Seats at the front of the 20,000-capacity 02 Arena have been listed on the Get Me In re-sale website for up to £13,200 each. "Considering these guys started off as a working-class set of lads, these prices are well out of reach of the ordinary working man," came another complainant on Facebook. Our tip is, if you've that sort of money to spend on live music; go watch 40 shows by bands still in the prime and creative blossoming of their career, not these thieving geriatrics.