1000 points to whoever can name all the Rolling Stones singles. No? Well it's pretty hard. And now there's another one; the aging rockers have released their second new single off GRRR! - their greatest  hits album. 

Fittingly, the track is called One More Shot; a thinly veiled plea for fans to give The Stones just one more shot to relive those rock n' roll days, not that they need begging, that is. It follows the release of Doom and Gloom, which was a more rip-roaring effort. This is more melodic, yet still features the trademark Mick Jagger contortion act, as the ancient rocker sways and bends words into lines that seem impossible. One More Shot is a good rock song: of course it is, it's the Stones, but it does nothing new, rather recycles their tried and tested alchemy of saying baby, simple drums and a mellifluous rhythm section. Perhaps that's unfair though, as there's a certain twang of country underlying this song, but it's unmistakably, quintessentially The Rolling Stones. And for capturing that style again, and again, and again, you can have one more shot, guys. But this is the last one.

These two new tracks are the first time Keith Richards and Jagger have been in the studio for seven years, and their two-city strong tour, which is set to hit London and New York, has gained unprecedented attention and interest. Have a listen to the One More Shot below.

The Rolling Stones - One More Shot (Official Audio Video) on MUZU.TV.