Finally, The Rolling Stones begin their much anticipated, and highly priced set of live gigs this Sunday at the 02 Arena, London. With 50 years under their belts, is this going to be the last time we see the aging rockers live?

Paul Sexton, a music journalist who has met and interviewed the band in the run-up to the latest concerts certainly thinks they've got more up their sleeve. "It would be nice to think that wouldn't be it," he writes, according to Reuters. "Once the machine gets fired up again, it's hard to imagine there won't be more live shows to come. If these dates went well, you could imagine sufficient momentum for some kind of recording project." This has truly been a 50-year anniversary to savour, if you're a fan of the band, that is. With an average age of 68 and a combined age of 275 years, 76 days, the band have produced a photo book, written two songs, collaborated on a documentary, released a greatest hits album, played warm-up gigs in Paris and committed to five concerts to mark the occasion.

Perhaps Sexton is right, and the newfound momentum for the band will be the catalyst for a new album; their 21st full studio album. Fans will be hoping this is the case, as the highly inflated ticket costs for their London and New York Shows will have priced many ardent rockers out of those elusive concerts.