It seems that there is nothing left to stop Donald Trump becoming the US Republican presidential candidate but his rise to political dominance continues to aggravate many including the Rolling Stones who have asked the celebrity businessman to stop using their songs.

The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones have hit out at Donald Trump's use of their songs

The band has said that Trump does not have permission to use the songs and have requested that he stop doing so.

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For his part, the former US Apprentice star has been playing a number of Rolling Stones tunes at his rallies for months including their 1969 hit, You Can’t Always Get What You Want - despite the fact that, up until now, Trump very much has got what he wants Republican nomination-wise.

The Rolling Stones are not the only music act that have tried to disassociate themselves from the controversial White House candidate, with Adele, Elton John and Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, all complaining about his use of their material.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump has angered many musicians by using their material at his rallies

A statement from the Rolling Stones said: "The Rolling Stones have never given permission to the Trump campaign to use their songs and have requested that they cease all use immediately."

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However, Trump seems adverse to criticism and hit back when Steven Tyler complained by tweeting: "Steven Tyler got more publicity on his song request than he’s gotten in 10 years. Good for him!"