The Rolling Stones plan to record a new album next year.

Guitarist Keith Richards is keen for the 'Brown Sugar' hitmakers to get back to work on new music, but he admits it is hard to persuade the rest of the group to get into the studio.

He told Entertainment Weekly magazine: ''I'm trying to get the Stones into the studio. But I don't quite honestly see it happening this year.

''After we do South America in February and March [2016], I'd love to get in the studio in April. But I know what those guys are like. When they finish a tour, they don't want to do nothing!''

Keith is set to release his first solo album in 23 years, 'Crosseyed Heart' and admits the record was badly timed as the Rolling Stones came out of hiatus while he was working on it.

He said ''I only do it when the Stones go into hibernation. Unfortunately, as I was recording this and had just finished it, the Stones came out of hibernation.

''I had it sort of sitting back there for a couple of years, waiting for the right time. Why should I clash with myself, you know? It was looking for the right spot and the right time. Because, when the Stones work, you know, hey, that's my numero uno!''