It looks like Glastonbury will come back with a bang after a year off, as veteran rockers the Rolling Stones are said to be "seriously considering" a £1 million offer for them to appear at the world-famous festival.

Festival head-honcho Michael Eavis has spoken of his desire to sign up the Stones publicly in the past and according to one source, speaking to The Mirror, Eavis' impressive offer might be enough to entice the rockers. The source is quoted as saying, "It wasn’t an option previously but in the last seven days things have moved very quickly.”

Eavis and his unknown squeal aren't the only ones taking the offer seriously either, as Stones frontman Mick Jagger has also voiced his admiration of the festival and heavily hinted at the prospect of signing up to headline the festival during a recent interview with NME. He told the magazine, “Glastonbury is very important. Especially to my children - highlight of their year.”

The Rolling Stones made their triumphant return to the touring scene last year, with their performances being praised by fans and critics alike despite the inordinate amount of money charged for tickets. With a rumoured perfromance at teh NME awards coming up at the end of this month, could Glastonbury be the perfect icing on the cake for the band's return? For Eavis' sake, we do hope so.