Ah, there had to be a catch didn't there? Surely the Rolling Stones weren't going to accept a relatively paltry fee for headlining the Glastonbury Festival when they could be selling out Wembley Stadium or some other soulless hangar and pocketing tens of millions. We were a little surprised when Jagger and company signed on the dotted line to play the historic festival on Saturday June 27, though it appears they're already tampering with things.

According to The Independent, the BBC has been told by the band that despite their media partnership with the festival, only a teaser of the group's performance will be broadcast. The ageing rockers demand that only the opening four songs of the set could be televised, with viewers told that the band has demanded a "blackout" of the rest of their performance. The BBC's head of music television Mark Cooper was in discussions last night with organise extensive coverage.

The Stones charged television viewers $40 to watch their shows in New York last summer, though the latest demand doesn't seem to have anything to do with money. According to a source, frontman Mick Jagger said he "didn't sign up for a TV show," and is concerning about factors beyond their control affecting a performance that could be beamed around the world. In other words, if it's raining, the band may not look or sound their best.

Mark Cooper said he understood the coverage "was a risk" though there was potential for the rockers to attract "a whole new, broader audience."

Mick JaggerMichael Eavis
Mick Jagger [L] Is Said To Be Conerned About The Potential Rain At Glastonbury, Something That Michael Eavis [R] Knows Plenty About