For everyone shelling out £200+ for a Glastonbury ticket, you can pretty much be sure that their dreams include winning the lottery or playing the Pyramid Stage. But it turns out, not even all rock stars want to play the festival.

And we’re not talking any rock stars, but the Rolling Stones – this year’s headliners of the now infamous stage. Alright, not all of them, just Charlie Watts, the drummer. “I don't want to do it,” moans Charlie in an interview with The Guardian. “Everyone else does. I don't like playing outdoors, and I certainly don't like festivals. I've always thought they're nothing to do with playing. Playing is what I'm doing at the weekend. That's how I was brought up. But that's me, personally. When you're a band … you do anything and everything. But Glastonbury, it's old hat really. I never liked the hippy thing to start with. It's not what I'd like to do for a weekend, I can tell you.” This is all great news for those you have actually shelled out the pricey cover fee for a ticket. Now they know the drummer of the headline act would rather be at home drinking tea.

“The worst thing playing outdoors is when the wind blows, if you're a drummer, because the cymbals move … it really is hard to play then,” adds Charlie, giving a musical reason why outdoor playing isn’t the best.

Charlie WattsFrom left to right: Watts, Ronnie Wood, Kieth Richards and Mick Jagger