Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapace looking sultry in the latest Rolling Stones video

The Rolling Stones have released the slick new video for their latest track ‘Doom and Gloom.’

Has the joke already been made about the zombies in the video not actually being the ageing band members, yet…? Yeah? OK, well, we’ll focus on the more interesting aspects of the video, then. Or should we say ‘more interesting aspect,’ because we’re only really going to be talking about Noomi Rapace.

Noomi Rapace / Rolling Stones

Noomi Rapace under the Rolling Stones' logo in 'Doom and Gloom'

The Stones have wisely chosen the star of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to star in their latest video, which results in a Stones video that you actually want to watch. And wouldn’t mind pressing repeat on. Throughout the video, what you get is Mick Jagger appealing for someone to “come ooooaaaan and daaance with meeeeee.” And that’s what he gets, in the form of Noomi Rapace. What you get in the run-up to that, is Noomi Rapace flying a plane, Noomi Rapace rolling around in a garbage pile, Noomi Rapace behind bars, Noomi Rapace doing a respectable Mick Jagger impression and Noomi Rapace exposing her breasts, wearing a pink wig. We think you get the gist. She’s the star of the video, right?

Mick Jagger

Lest we should forget... The Rolling Stones are in this video too!

Today (November 21, 2012), The Rolling Stones also announced that former members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor will be joining them onstage as special guests when they play at London’s O2 Arena, for their wallet-busting 50th anniversary shows. The news was confirmed on their website, along with the announcement that there would be no support act, just a staggering two hour set from the veteran rockers. Alas, it’s unlikely that Noomi will be joining them. 

Watch 'Doom and Gloom'

'Doom And Gloom' Video