The Rolling Stones star Mick Taylor spent more than a month at a rehabilitation clinic before rejoining the rockers for their 50th anniversary concerts.

The Brown Sugar hitmakers reunited last year (12) to celebrate their half-century, and they invited Taylor - who quit in 1974 and was replaced by Ronnie Wood - to perform on a couple of songs.

However, the veteran guitarist has now revealed he checked in to a rehab clinic for 35 days prior to his return to the stage, hinting he was ordered to shape up before the show.

He tells Mojo magazine, "I was actually in rehab, to be honest, for 35 days, and I kind of got shanghai'd (forced) out of there onto the stage."

Asked if the course of treatment had been a "stipulation" from the band, Taylor replies, "I would've done it anyway. I didn't wanna go on stage, unless I was feeling strong and proud. Which I did.

"I'd never done rehab properly in my life. It's a life-changing experience... But it can only really help you when you are ready to help yourself... I can only say that playing with them for 11 minutes each night completely re-energised me as a human being and as a performer. I loved it. The first show at (London's) O2 (Arena) I made a few mistakes, but the next two shows in Newark (New Jersey) were special. Me and Keith bonded incredibly well."

Taylor did not give any details of the nature of his treatment in the clinic.