Keith Richards has confirmed that The Rolling Stones have been rehearsing together, in order to tour in celebration of their 50th year together. Bbc News reported today (July 11, 2012), though, that the veteran guitarist would not be drawn into discussing when that tour might take place. "There's things in the works - I think it's definitely happening," he told their reporter, Will Gompertz. "But when? I can't say yet."
He did reveal that the band have been enjoying being in the rehearsal room again. "We're playing around with the idea (of a tour) and had a couple of rehearsals - we've got together and it feels so good." This is good news for fans of the band, who will be keen to see them playing together live once more. This year marks the band's 50th anniversary and a number of initiatives have been put into place to ensure that fans can still celebrate the band's impressively lengthy existence, even if they will be forced to wait for a tour.
A photography exhibition documenting the band's career will open tomorrow (Thursday July 12, 2012) at Somerset House in London. Talking about the exhibition, Keith explained "It's amazing - most of these pictures I think, 'where was the cameraman?' I don't remember them being there." And on the subject of The Stones' longevity, Keith opined "Sometimes its hard work and you wonder why you're doing it, but apart from those few moments it's been an incredible adventure."