Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has been described as a "sex vampire" by a former lover, while another ex-girlfriend has labelled him extremely jealous.

The START ME UP singer, 61, will have his lovelife laid bare on British TV show MICK'S GIRLS - when six ex-lovers talk candidly about their bedroom adventures with the lothario.

The jilted ladies include his first girlfriend, CHRISSIE SHRIMPTON, who says the jealous rocker often told her to leave London nightclubs.

Shrimpton - who dated Jagger from 1963 to 1966 - says, "I used to go to clubs in London and I would have a bar bill that he would pay but I had to go home at a certain time.

"He would often phone up and I was told I had to go home now. I would be taken to the car and he would ring at home at three in the morning. I kind of liked that."

Sex therapist NATASHA TERRY - who had a fling with JAGGER in 1999 - adds, "He would love to spank. I started laughing because I was never into spanking.

"I think he is like a sex vampire. Being with all these different people makes him feel young and gives him all this energy.

"He can't stay faithful to one woman. He has to get that satisfaction from bedding a lot of women at the same time."

02/07/2004 13:58