The Rolling Stones recording new material? Apparently, the band have been busy in a Paris recording studio, so it looks as though fans of the band could well be treated to some new songs during the year of their 50th anniversary. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the Rolling Stones were photographed exiting the studio and Mick Jagger also tweeted a photo of himself in a studio, surrounded by a hoard of musical equipment, including Fender amps, Stratocasters and Telecasters. "Had fun in the studio this week!" came the accompanying message.
The sighting of the band in the studio is just one of a number of exciting developments coming from the Stones camp of late. Last week, their Facebook page contained a cryptic image of animal eyes, with instructions for fans to download the 'uView' app and point their smart phones at the screen. This made the animal eyes come to life and users could hear an animal growl, whilst 'Start Me Up' played.
And it looks as though the band will be playing some shows before the year is out, too. Despite Keith Richards saying that he wasn't sure if the band would be playing live in 2012, insiders have told Billboard magazine that they will be playing two dates in London and another two in Brooklyn, before the year is out. Jagger hinted at the possibility of a live outing from the band in the autumn but only now have their plans started to materialise.